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My Vision for Your Wedding:

As you look around you on your wedding day, every aspect reflects your unique love story, and exceeds your expectations. Truly one of the happiest days of your life, you know that as details come up, they’ll be handled in a loving and not rigid way. Your ceremony celebrates your special love, and the reception is the best party that you, your family and friends have ever attended. The people most important to you feel the incredible love and care that went into the wedding. As I reflect upon your wedding, I’m proud that our careful planning allowed for sweet surprises and moments that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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About You:

·         You are madly in love and want your wedding to reflect your personalities
·         You enjoy life and live your life whole-heartedly
·         You want your wedding consultant to be a good sounding board who shares your vision
·         You only work with professionals that you can trust 
·         You expect excellence and insist upon trusted professionals to take care of the details
·         You don’t want:
          o   A Drill Sergeant
          o   A cookie-cutter wedding
          o   Unhappy guests
·         You want to relax and have fun on your wedding day

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About Blissful Events

Our sweet spot is the wine country wedding for approximately 75-125 guests, though we have done weddings that are both larger and smaller. Although we are inclusive of all budgets, a typical wedding budget for our clients is in the $40,000 to $120,000 range. While most of our clients live in the US, we have also planned weddings and commitment ceremonies for international visitors from as far away as Australia, China and India. Approximately 70% of our clients enjoy destination weddings. Our services include full planning, partial planning and “Day of” coordination. We only coordinate about 12-15 weddings a year, so select our clients carefully to ensure that we can provide superior personal attention. We are a “Professional’s Professional.” Most of our clients find us by word of mouth from happy clients, preferred vendor lists from local venues and professionals, and from our work being showcased on national websites such as The Knot.

Blissful Events was founded in 2007 by Samar Hattar. The company has won wide recognition for its excellence in design and coordination and is frequently in top ten lists of San Francisco Bay Area wedding planners.  In 2015, for the third year in a row, we were voted in the "Top Ten Best Bay Area Wedding Planners" on ABC's (Channel 7) Bay Area "A" List."

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About Samar Hattar

·         I am a shameless romantic
·         My name is pronounced like “summer”
·         When I’m with my friends, I’m the first one on the dance floor
·         I start every day naming seven things that make me grateful
·         I have a genius for details, yet love a good surprise
·         I love the excitement of the City and the beauty of our rolling hills
·         I am a genuinely happy and positive person even when curve balls get thrown my way.
·         I love the San Francisco Giants as much as my high heels
·         Besides parties, I love peonies, succulents and frozen yogurt with lots of toppings

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Love Notes

What Others Say about Samar and Blissful Events:


 “Every time I saw Samar on our wedding day, I felt a calming zen-like feeling wash over me.”

“While dancing with my wife to “Unchained Melody,” I could completely focus on her because everything was handled.”

“Everyone raved about what a great job Samar did as our day-of-planner for two hundred guests at our family ranch. Her thoughtful questions and timelines guided us through the planning so that we could relax and completely enjoy the day.” 

“We hired Blissful Events just two weeks before our wedding, and they got every detail perfect. If you want to guarantee that you are going to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, Samar is the one to turn your vision into reality.”

“I can’t believe that Samar’s magic wedding kit had everything from breath mints for us as we walked down the aisle, to men’s socks for the groomsman who forgot to pack them.


 “Samar is the BEST! You’ll feel like an honored guest at your own wedding. Relax and enjoy every second of your day with your guests. She’ll be the angel that takes care of all of the behind-the-scenes details to make your wedding day enjoyable.”

Trang Vo, Vo Floral Design

“Samar was organized, detailed and professional in the pre-planning process, and her onsite execution of the event was flawless. She has a great attitude, calm demeanor, and an eye for detail and design. I look forward to working with Blissful Events again!”

Allison Fox, Senior Catering Manager, W Hotel San Francisco

 “Thank YOU, for making our jobs easier. You’re a rock star!

Karen D. Zachary, Event Planner, Miraglia Catering

“Samar from Blissful Events is one of my favorite coordinators. Her energy and enthusiasm combined with her professionalism and skill make working together a joy, especially on the most important day of a couple’s life together.”

Anthony Levy, Park Avenue Catering

“With the weddings I have officiated that Samar coordinated, I felt calm, confident, and completely focused on MY job because she did HER job so magnificently!  And I saw that Samar has exactly the same mission that I do--to give couples their perfect, dream wedding.  Only I just do that for the ceremony part--Samar does it for the whole event--every last detail is stunning!  It is a wonder to officiate one of Samar's weddings!”

Reverend Elizabeth River, Interfaith Minister and Officiant


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