What his heart says: Proposing

In the battle of the sexes there has been one thing that remains quite constant throughout this debate: Men are insensitive and Women are emotional. Here is a video that may change the way you feel about the sexes emotional comparisons.

In this video by Good, featuring Reddit “Heatbeat During a Marriage Proposal” and (if you haven’t guessed it) yes, the Reddit user wore a heart rate monitor while he prepares to propose to his girlfriend. Check out their 90 second video (shorten from a 40 minute heart beat duration) and see for yourself how he feels leading up to popping the question.

Spoiler alert! We can easily tell that he is nervous! We can watch as his heart rate shoots up from 65 beats per minute to 125 beats per minute as he gets to the point of asking the life defining question. Asking someone to marry you can be the best feeling you will ever have but it can also be one of the most terrifying experiences anyone can have, mostly because at times, the answer is yet uncertain. However, we have to say congratulations to Mr. Reddit user as it is shown in the video that she indeed said yes!

Blissful Events

This visualize data gives us a glimpse into a man’s heart (literally) and what he feels before and during a proposal to the love of his life. So ladies, don’t be so quick to judge your man for not being sensitive enough to our emotions, apparently hidden inside their muscular texture, they appear to have fast beating hearts that on occasion emerges and shows us just how much they really love us and how much we actually can affect them.

Now to be fair, Mr. Reddits’ heart rate immediately began to drop to normal the moment after she said yes. So even though they may not stay emotional for long, we can all agree with this little proof that the men in our lives certainly deserve more than being called Mr. Insensitive. 

We wish you all love stories full of Bliss! Happy Proposing! 

Content by Natalie T. Social Media Intern at Blissful Events Photos by Carmen Alvarez Photography 

Content by Natalie T. Social Media Intern at Blissful Events

Photos by Carmen Alvarez Photography