Four Ways To Incorporate Your Four Legged Friend Into Your Big Day

So you have the venue, the date, the flowers, the dress and the tux. Do you have a big bouncing Labrador? Maybe it’s a fluffy West highland Terrier whom you cannot be without on your special day? There are many ways you can incorporate your little love into your big day.

1. Adorable Engagement Session Accessory

Need a unique accessory for your engagement pictures? What could be better or cuter than your pup? Have him or her pose with the ring or snuggle up together for a family photo. There will be no shortage of Awwwws in the pictures. 


2. The Cutest Four Legged Ring Bearer

What could be more adorable than little kids scurrying down the aisle? How about your adorable companion trotting down the aisle, tails wagging and so happy to see you as he or she brings you your symbol of unity and love; who would be better than your most loyal and loving companion?

3. A Faithful Sign Carrier

Not wanting to take away from your little nephew’s excitement of carrying your rings? How about having your trusty pup carry the sign to announce the beginning of your union? Superb!


4. Fluffy Model & Wedding Accent

Whether you have a yellow accent bow to tie him or her into your wedding colors or a smart miniature tux for your lovable mutt, give your little love an element of your wedding so that every click of the camera they fit right into your big day. Plus, they will look adorable whilst doing it too and maybe even steal a little limelight while they’re at it.

We LOVE our fluffy companions! In the end, do you really need a reason to incorporate your loving pooch into your special day? It’s your day! And it’s your baby’s day too. So we say have him or her there to support you through your big day no matter what their duties are and make sure to have a designated dog sitter for them at times where you will be occupied throughout the wedding. Let us know if you have any other plans to have your companion be part of your big day! Happy Planning!


Content by Natalie T. Social Media Intern at Blissful Events