DJ Or Band - How To Choose?

You asked, we answered! A wonderful, well known Bay Area band, The Klipptones, is our featured guest blogger today! Josh Klipp, Klipptones band leader, gives us his thoughts on how to go about choosing DJ or Band. Klipp says "a band should provide the perfect soundscape to your wedding.  

If you’re waffling between hiring a DJ and hiring a live band, ask yourself: How often do you hear DJs? Then…how often do live bands play music just for you and the people you love? It’s no contest: there is no substitute for a band of talented musicians playing their hearts out for the sole purpose of making your wedding day the most awesome day of your life.  When you are taking that first dance with your new spouse, do you want an MP3 playing? Or do you want the beautiful sounds of a band who has practiced that song a hundred times so that this perfect moment lasts a lifetime in your memory?

There are fears when it comes to hiring a band: (1) cost; (2) awkward silence on band breaks; (3) not getting to hear everything you want. My answer to that is you’re probably looking at the wrong bands. I read an article that said that the Bay Area has over 1,200 live bands. For anyone planning a wedding, that’s got to feel like finding a needle in a haystack. The good news is that there are plenty of people and services out there that do this work for you.  Ask your wedding planner if she or he has any bands that they recommend.

Ask these questions:

1. Do you provide MC/DJ services?

2. Where can I see your set list?

3. Where can I come see you play?

Have a budget in mind, and keep it realistic. Most bands charge around $2,000, give or take. Before you run away screaming, a reminder:

1. This typically covers music from ceremony through reception, sometimes upwards of six hours

2.  Do you have a mic for your ceremony? No? A good band will take care of that for you

3. Top Bay Area DJs often cost nearly as much as a band, but a good band will not only offer MC services, they will also DJ your favorite music on set breaks and at the end of the night.

A great band will make sure your wedding is exactly what you want, with everything from custom lyrics to a song, working up *surprise* duets, making announcements for dinner, toasts, and cake cutting. I’ve even created a wedding flash mob and taught line dances (I also happen to be a dance teacher so I put my skills to good use). A great band will also offer extras like some lighting and insurance for the venue. 

My philosophy is that the band is not there to play a list of songs, we are there to provide the perfect “soundscape” to your wedding. Our goal is to make music that honors the beautiful commitment you and your partner are making to one another. A good band will not stop working until your day is amazing. They will be flexible, professional, and the best decision you made about your big day. Other than the decision to say “I do”, of course.

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