4 Breathtaking Wedding Themes

Throwing a wedding does not necessary mean that you need to have a theme, but it sure is interesting and you can be sure to make a statement with your guests! Take a peak at some of these fun weddings! 

1. Secret Garden Wedding  

For the flower child bride and groom who love spring or summer.  You and your guests can enjoy the greens, flowers and the fresh air that the outdoor has to offer. Enjoy the sunlight during the day and the warm night air with twinkling lights and the whimsical glow as you and your guests dance the night away.

2. Circus/Carnival Wedding

For the couple who loves the eye popping, jaw gasping entertainment for themselves and the crowd. This theme is sure to be on the top list of fun weddings, with pops of colors, sweets of all types, spruce it up with a vintage kick and fun lights. Your imagination is the limit for this idea! Play fun games and laugh with the crowd. What a better way to start your married life together. 

3. Wanderlust Wedding  

For the couple who loves to travel the world together, let your guests glimpse at your travels together, show them different destination themes or various travel elements you love such as world globe, paper airplanes, travel signs, vintage suit cases and so on and so on. The wanderlust is strong with this wedding! Your guest will want to pack their bags and depart with you! 

4. Winter Wonderland Wedding  

Some couple love the sun and others are in love with the snow, the crispy chilled air, the hot chocolate, the candle light, the snuggling of blankets and the warm strong taste of whiskey amongst the cold air. Celebrate the fall and winter with this theme but always beware of the elements! You want your guest warm and comfortable taking in the beauty of the snow and winter while they watch you get married in your custom created wonderland. 

Blissful Planning! 

Content by Natalie T. Blissful Events Senior Coordinator