5 Tips for your Wedding Website

Why should you set up a website (more things on your already staggering to-do lists) when everything guests need to know is already on the invitations? The simple answer is that one, we are in the digital age where having information online is always a safer bet of the information getting to your guest versus just having something mailed out on paper and two, your wedding website is about your guest (yes! The day is about you but it would be a bummer if your guests weren’t there to celebrate you two!) and how you can focus on their needs in order for them to enjoy your celebration in a way that will have them comfortable and talking about your wedding for months on end! Here are some tips to help make guest's life easier.

1. Where

The most important information you can have? Your location of course! Guests need to know where they can be to celebrate you starting your life with the love of your life. We cannot stress enough about not only having a correct address but also adding clear route options and directions to your ceremony and reception location. How the guest feels on the way to your wedding is just as important as how they feel when they arrive. They will sure remember this little gesture! 



2. Rest

Regardless of whether your wedding is local to your friends and family or it requires travel: it is always a great idea to have information on nearby hotels or better yet room blocks for your guests. Give them the option to stay near the venue or stay afterwards in case they are too intoxicated to return home. Everyone loves a thoughtful host!

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Photo by Liz Foot Photography 

3. Attire

Do your guests a favor and not leave this important information out! Guests are always excited about such a wonderful celebration where they can dress up and look their best, but there is always the question of what to wear. Relieve their stress with a simple and accurate note of what type of affair this will be by letting them know what to wear. They will thank you for it!  


Photo by Jana Williams Photography

4. Love Story

Other than the must-haves information on your website and whether you are having an intimate 50 persons wedding or an elaborate 300 people wedding, it is always a treat for your guests to fill in on your love story of how you met, fell in love and are now deciding to spend the rest of your life together. Whether it is a best friend who have heard it a million times or a distant uncle you had to invite; everyone loves a good love story. Plus, everyone wants a great conversation starter. 

5. Contact

If for some reason guests still have questions about anything that happens to not be on your amazing website (there’s always that Auntie Sally who wants to know exactly what shade of lavender she should wear to match the table linens) give them a preferred contact they can use if they need additional information or in case any problem arises. Remember! Being prepared is better than being stuck unaware. All in all, think about what your guests need and enjoy the planning! Good luck. 

Photo by Jana Williams Photography