5 Wedding Day Checklist Items to Simplify You Life

Regardless of when you start your wedding planning process, a foolproof way to begin by having a checklist for everything you need to get done leading up to the big day. Of course, the most important part is for you to enjoy your day and be as relaxed as possible (that’s why brides hire planners!) One of the more fun lists that you will create is for wedding day. Every couple is different but we have come up with a Wedding Day Checklist that will be helpful to every couple. 

1. Getting ready Attire

You two cannot wait to walk down the aisle and say those two little words and start your journey of wedding bliss. However, getting ready is the part of the day that is just as important! Bring the clothes you will be wearing to get ready in. Remember that your photographer will be there to capture those getting-ready moments so pick your attire with that in mind. Something that is comfortable, easy to pull over or have a button down; we do not want to risk ruining your perfect hair and makeup. Brides, keep in mind to bring comfortable shoes for the reception.   

Photos by Chrisman Studios

2. Mini Emergency Kit

Leave it to your wedding planner to have the big emergency kit with everything you need. However, you will still need a few things. Your makeup artist will not be with you the whole day so put together a mini emergency clutch for your Maid of Honor to handle with certain back up elements such as: lipstick, deodorant, breath mints and extra dress tape (to hold everything in place) 

Photo by EmFromMarvelous

3. Bridal & Groom Accessories  

Yes, your dress could be seen as the most important element of  your big day but do not forget the accessories! Have your shoes (Grooms, do not forget your socks!), bridal clutch (optional), all your accessories (jewelries, hair piece, ties, cufflinks etc.) and make sure to have them safe and accounted for in an accessory pouch for safe keeping. 

Photos by Hazy Lane Studio

4. Bustle Instruction

This information should be communicated to your planner and wedding party. How do you fasten and unbustle your dress? Do not wait until the last minute to find out. Make sure to ask this question at the bridal shop, practice doing it and make sure you or the person doing it for you on your wedding day knows how to manage your bustle for different parts of the day.

Photo by Hazy Lane Studio 


5. Vows, Lover Letters & Marriage Certification

Getting married is a wonderful rite of passage but it can also be a nerve racking experience. On your big day you don't want to be worrying about your vows, the love letter for your future spouse or the marriage certification. Today is the day that neither of you will ever forget, all the promises and dictations in your vows that express your love for your significant other. Write it down and put it in a safe place and have it be easy to access once you ready to say your "I do's." Write your love letter in advance or give yourself plenty of time before having it delivered to your future spouse. Traditionally the groom should be in charge of the Marriage Certification so do your love a favor and remind him so that you are happily married by the end of your wedding day.

Photo by Jana Williams Photography